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Ultimate Guide to Shopping in India: Things to get from India

India is a shopper's paradise. There is an astonishing sort of clothes, shoes, jewelry, spices, and Indian souvenirs to shop for in India, plus more. This ultimate guide will offer you an entire overview of the simplest things to urge in India as a tourist, including what to shop for in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Rajasthan, Goa, Kerala, Rishikesh, and Varanasi - plus what to buy in India Best souvenirs are also included. . The whole country is basically an Indian shop!

One of my favorite pastimes is shopping in India and particularly buying clothes in India. You can't beat the combination India has to offer: an incredible variety of exotic items, often made by hand, at attractively low prices. Handicrafts, textiles, jewelry, furnishings, art, spices, and much more are displayed in antique markets, busy markets, state emporiums, street stalls, and shiny new malls. I especially love buying Indian clothing stores (and even online stores) and Indian souvenirs. The country produces both traditional and modern goods, and sometimes a compelling mix of both – such as designer fashion inspired by traditional wear.

This shopping guide covers the fine art of bargaining (also known as bargaining or negotiating), what to buy in different regions of the country from Delhi to Rajasthan, and my top picks for the best souvenirs.

Top 10 things to buy in India

Below is my list of the top 10 things to buy in India – these are my personal favorites, plus the ones I know are specific to the region. I am also recommending artisan-made products from India – personally handpicked by me. These items are really gorgeous! Trust me, you cannot stop buying these lovely things while traveling in India.

Indian clothes. India is certainly famous for beautiful women's clothing, ranging from elaborately embroidered pashmina shawls to silk saris, cotton kurtas (long, tunic-style shirts) to scarves. Many of them are adorned with hand beading and/or hand embroidery and you might wish for a princess. You can buy Indian clothing online and almost everything, or visit Indian clothing stores in person.

Cloth. India excels in an incredible range of textiles as well as in-house printing and embroidery techniques, including cotton, silk, wool, and linen. You can find a proliferation of things like block-print bedspreads, applique wall hangings, embroidered pillows—the list is truly endless. At the high end are handmade items that add fantasy and bling to home decor. There is also Khadi, hand-woven fabrics, which have their own charm.

Jewelry and bling. Indian women love jewelry, and the bigger and more embellished it is, the better. There is an amazing variety of surreal and costume jewelry to go with your princess look. From cheap bangles to precious gems, buying jewelry in India is one of the most fun things you can do. Jaipur is the gem capital of India, but you can find jewelry almost everywhere.

<Tea. Champagne tea comes from the hills of Darjeeling, North-East India. I recommend the second flush tea, which has more body, color, and flavor. My favorite tea is from the state of Assam - this is often where the tea industry started in India. This is a very rich, strong, and dark tea. Nilgiri tea from the Cardamom Hills in Kerala is also good, although it is usually used for CTC (cut-tear-curl) tea.

Pashmina and other shawls. Genuine Pashmina is a type of cashmere wool that comes from Pashmina goats in the Himalayas. it's very expensive. So, if someone offers you pashmina for a small amount, such as Rs 500/100, it is probably a mix (at best). However, many beautiful shawls are made in India from wool, silk, cotton, and a mixture of these materials.

Fragrance products. India is, of course, the land of sunshine. and ittar, a type of natural perfume extracted from flowers, herbs, spices or bark, has been in use in India since ancient times.

Art and craft. Across India, traditional artisans create beautiful carpets, furniture, pottery, clothing, textiles, boxes, leather magazines, home decor items - usually with unique regional variations that you'll find as you travel across the country.

skincare products. Ayurvedic products, such as skincare and herbal remedies. There are many commercial brands readily available such as Biotique, Himalaya, and Shahnaz Herbal.

Shoes and handbags. From affordable leather juttis (traditional embroidered sandals) to crystal-beaded, high-heeled evening sandals, footwear in India is fun and extravagant…and so eye-catching.

Books, Music, and Movies. India publishes a lot of books in English at very affordable prices, and a favorite "time pass" is to browse the classic bookstores of Connaught Place in Delhi or the bookstores of Mumbai and Kolkata. But if you can't go to India, and want to buy you can visit Amazon if you want to buy any of them.

Classical Indian and devotional music CDs, and Bollywood DVDs, are an excellent buy and bring a long-lasting souvenir. Bollywood is certainly the biggest filmmaker in the world and many of the films they make in Mumbai (formerly Bombay) are of high quality and appealing to audiences around the world.